stephen kingWelcome. We’re not your average publisher.

But then we’re hoping you’re not our average writer, either. Who wants to be average?

Part of what makes us different is that we know great writing doesn’t depend on financial status, political views, emotional state, or any of these other singular things one might think may have some bearing. It’s not something that comes in a perfectly packaged box.

We know the good writer can be a child, a poor person, even a semi-literate. It’s the story and one’s ability to communicate that story;  the ability to “take you there.” It’s the ability to not only introduce you to a character or to a location, but for you to really get to know those characters and to arrive.

And we’re skipping the missing comma…who cares? Sure, it will always be important to get their-there-they’re right, and two-to-too…some things are just too agreed upon and push far too many buttons worldwide to not get right.

We want it to be real. Real life. Even the fiction, because after all, where does fiction come from, if not real life?

So if your character curses, let ’em. If your character is a creep, don’t try to shine a kind light on them. There are monsters among us; let them shine as monsters.

If there is ice, let us feel the cold, and add the fear of falling.