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In the past I once heard that the reason you stick with one genre (as a writer) is because that’s a good way to build a fan base. Understood. And yet…

Our goal is to pretty much be all-inclusive as a publisher because in this day and age, with so much derisiveness, division, finger-pointing, and on, there is also so much renewed awareness of the kindnesses, the talent, the differences that in fact make us special and  outstanding…

So no, we won’t put it in a box filled with rules and regs, we’ll take you out on a boat, have you meet kids with problems, we’ll address children directly and also talk about the aged… you’ll confront drugs and sorrows and friendships rooted so deep-some with people, some with animals…we’ll even take you to other planets. 

Maybe, like us, you’ll expand your horizons and find you like more than one thing.

We’re seeing a whole new world.

Away, Away by A.E. Spiller


    “If I Had A Hammer” Written by Lynn Spiller–Illustrations by Lucille Femine