A New Publisher is Born

We were just like you at some point. We had finished writing a book (3 actually) and the whole process of trying to get them in front of a publisher to even be given a chance was beyond daunting. On top of that, the more we learned about getting published, the more we realized that not only were we going to have to do most of our own advertising anyway, we were also only going to get a small fraction of the profits from our hard work.

The whole point of finding a publisher, I thought, was that it would free me up so that I could write, and my agent/ publisher would take care of the rest- especially the marketing. Why would I want to go through a publisher, where they were going to keep most of my money, if I still had to do the one thing I didn’t know how to do- the marketing?  I mean, if we are going to have to do almost all of the work anyway, shouldn’t we get most of the money. Then the idea expanded. Why not figure this out for our own books and then offer it to others? We were going to have to learn about marketing and all of the other ins and outs of publishing anyway. So it just made sense to help others with what we learned too. We got to talking about it, and the idea for Sistership Publishing was born.

We truly believe that there are incredible stories out there just waiting to be shared with the world. Some have already been written and are just sitting around gathering dust while their authors try to figure out how to get them to a publisher. Some haven’t been written yet, but are waiting for the opportune moment to emerge into the world like a butterfly. It is our hope that we can help in unleashing these stories and giving their creators the ability to make a living doing what they truly desire- writing. It is our goal to turn Sistership Publishing into a veritable one-stop-shop for authors. If you have a story to tell, we would like to help you tell it. We can help with the editing, the cover design, getting your book into the formats that will make it profitable and then with the marketing campaign that will best suit your book.

An author shouldn’t have to give up all of the rights to their book just to get it published. And, they shouldn’t have to give up the vast majority of the profits.

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